Facebook loses most of users due to incredibility:Badar Khushnud

ISLAMABAD:Senior Information Technology expert Badar Khushnud Thursday urged the authorities concerned to evolve a comprehensive mechanism which could ensure the safety of social media users.

Talking to private news channel, he expressed his astonishment that the country was yet to develop a technology, which could help foil the hacking attempts on online media.

Although the managements of social media sites had introduced new technologies to save the users from being exploited, but unfortunately hackers always found a way to sneak in.

The companies running different social media across the globe were of the view that the hackers could not get the hidden passwords but the intruders always found a way to intrude in someone else’ account or hack the user’s personal data,” he mentioned.

The Facebook had lost most of the users worldwide for spreading misleading information due to irresponsible attitude of the naive users, he said.

Twitter was the only reliable source as compare to facebook, nearly all bigwigs from media and politics preferred twitter to share their opinion across the globe, he stated.

“The users should try to be extra vigilant while using social media and sharing personal information on it, moreover they should keep changing their security passwords time and again,” he suggested.

Akmal Javed a resident of Islamabad said that he left using facebook and other social media sources a year ago as it turned him a patient of high blood pressure due to its authenticity, secondly he lost his privacy.