Family, friends can help quit smoking with supportive approach

ISLAMABAD: A new study has suggested that family, friends and loved ones can play a crucial role to help quit smoking, if they go for a supportive approach.

John Spangler, M.D., a professor of family medicine at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, North Carolina said that quitting smoking was difficult, and for some people it was extremely difficult. Nicotine replacements like a patch or gum and other medications could double or triple the chances of successfully quitting, and coaching and counseling were definitely useful too, Science Daily reported.

Spangler continued that the coaches and counselors need not be professionals.

Spangler added that few tips for people trying to offer smoking-cessation can also be helpful such as one should ask the smoker why he or she wanted to quit and one can have the smoker set a specific quit date and help them stick to it among other pointers.Â