FDE makes Qurnic education compulsory in schools

ISLAMABAD: Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) through a letter has directed the heads of 423 public sector schools of the federal capital and Area Education Officer (AEO’s) to ensure the implementation of Quran Education Bill 2017 recently passed by the Parliament.

According to the sources in FDE here Friday, initially only “Noorani Quaida” would be taught in the schools while the Quran translation would be initiated in phase wise.

It was directed the schools management through the letter that the students of class 1-5 would be taught Nazra Quran while Quran with translation would be taught from class 6 to 10.

The compulsory education of Quran would be given in the period of Islamic Education while the heads of the schools would be responsible to made cupboards in the class rooms to keep Quranic Books safe.

The heads would also ensured the ablution of students before the teaching of Quran, the letter said.

According to details, in first phase the students of class one would be taught “Noorani Quaida” while in class two first and second Paara of Quran would be taught, the three class would be taught three to eight Paara’s.

The class four would be taught Paara nine to eighteen while in 5th class the Paara 19 to 30 of Quran would be taught.

In second phase, the easy translation of the Quran would be taught to the students of class 6 to 12. The 6th class students would be taught 5 per cent of Makki Surah’s while 9 per cent in class seven, 12 per cent in class eight, 17 per cent in class nine and 25 per cent in class 10 would be taught.

Talking to reporter, Director General FDE, Dr Hasnat Ahamad Qureshi said that Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training will provide Noorani Quaida’s in this year while in the next year FDE would itself purchase the Quranic Books and will provide to schools.

He said the Islamic education teachers would taught Noorani Quaida in the schools which do not have Arabic teachers, while if any school do not have Islamic education teachers then the Urdu teachers would teach the Quaida.

There is less number of schools where arabic teachers are not available, he added.

It has been decided that Quranic Education would be provided for 20 minutes before the start of classes while it would be regularly taught in the period of Islamic Education, he informed.