First Islamabad carinival to be held May 21

ISLAMABAD: First Islamabad Carnival would be held on May 21 here at Arts and Craft village Islamabad having variety of fun filled activities and unlimitted fun and entertaiment for kids, families, students and professionals.

This three day event will have the following activities includes Art Exhibition,Pyara Pakistan Photography Competition Painting competition.

Games (Ring & win, Treasure hunt, Scavenger hunt & many more.Cosplay (Costume play), Kids and Family entertainment (Magic & laughter show, Thematic face painting, mehandi and nail art, fire juggling show, live puppet show, fire dance show and many more)

Sky Lanterns & Peace support ceremony Cultural performances (Kalash & Hunza sword dance )Dance performances (Bhangra, Jhomer, Khatak, Leva, Mystic)Instrumental performances ( Dhol, shahnai, jori, Rubab, Violin, Saroz, Flute)

A mega concert by Falak Shabir, The Shah band, Shahid Ali Khan, Wahid Buksh and Zeba Sanam on 21ST May and Khumariyan (A famous instrumental band from Peshawar which has been performed in Gulshan Jahan abroad as well), Shazaman Alam and Jawad Khalown, Fazal Jutt and on May 22.