Five brick kilns turned over to environment friendly zigzag technology in ICT

ISLAMABAD:Five out of 64 brick kilns in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) had been turned over to the new environment friendly zigzag technology.

In a written reply, the Ministry of Climate Change told the National Assembly that the zigzag kiln technology had been established to enhance fuel efficiency, energy savings and lessen harmful emissions.

The technology was introduced with the cooperation of the All Pakistan Brick Kiln Owners Association.

All the owners of brick kilns who had not yet submitted affidavits to convert their kilns to environment friendly zigzag technology had been directed to convert them by the end of 2020.

As per the government anti-pollution measures, the brick kilns will be given financial aid to use zigzag technology which was environmentally friendly.

All the six operational steel furnaces situated in Islamabad Capital Territory

had installed pollution abatement technology which had been monitored by Pak-EPA during previous four months through routine visits of Environmental Monitoring Team (EMT) and online surveillance cameras for stack emissions in order to ensure the compliance of national environmental quality standards.