Former DG ISI Lt Gen Rizwan Akhtar takes premature retirement

ISLAMABAD: Former Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief and president of the National Defence University (NDU) Lieutenant General Rizwan Akhtar has requested a premature retirement from the Pakistan Army.

Lt Gen Rizwan Akhtar, who was due to retire in October next year, made the request owing to some “pressing personal commitments.”

The three-star general is set to be released on Monday from the armed forces after his service of around 35 years. He expressed “sincere gratitude and appreciation for all my seniors, comrades, and staff, my family, to have provided required guidance and support through my journey in the army.”

“I want everyone knowing me to respect my decision and not succumb or resort to speculation in any domain.”

Lt Gen Akhtar said it is an honor for him to have worked in a great army of the world. He was commissioned in the Frontier Force Regiment in September 1982 and served at various key posts throughout his career.

Lieutenant General Rizwan holds the war experience against terrorism at South Waziristan borders. He also played a vital role in the Karachi operation as DG Rangers Sindh, and remained DG ISI from 2014 to 2016. He was appointed NDU president in December, 2016.