Globally ‘Mental Health day’ to be observed on Oct 10

ISLAMABAD: Like other parts of the globe, World Mental Health Day will be observed in Pakistan on October 10 (Tuesday), to raise awareness of mental illnesses and to support efforts for their treatments.

According to a private news channel, the day will provides an opportunity for all stakeholder working on mental health issues to talk about their work, and what more needs to be done to make mental health care a reality for people worldwide.

The theme 2017 year is “Mental health in the workplace”.

World Mental Health Day is always celebrated on October 10th, it was first created in 1992 by the World Federation for Mental Health and this year is the day’s 21st anniversary.

The idea behind the day is to inform and raise awareness about different mental conditions and sicknesses and to help people find support and understand more about mental health. In some countries it is part of a Mental Health Week.

The day often has different societies and communities offering services, letting people know about treatment and support.

The World Health Organization picks a mental health issue to focus on every year, in 2012 it was Depression, this year it’s “Older Adults”.

The WHO defines “mental health” as “state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.”