Gwadar facing water shortages

ISLAMABAD: Gwadar city and its adjoining areas are facing crises of drinking water as current demand of water for Gwadar is 8.3 million gallons per day (MGD) against supply of only 3.5 MGD.

According to official sources, the crises become worst during the drought period, and unfortunately during the last and current monsoon season, no significant rainfall occurred, therefore, acute water

shortage is being experienced in Gwadar Town and adjoining areas. Water supply is the sole responsibility of Provincial Government of Balochistan. The government had built dams to meet water needs of Gwadar. Akra Kaur Dam was completed during 1995 to store rain water of Akra River.

Its storage capacity was 17,000 acre feet with useful life of 20 years.

The dam has almost completed its life.

The sources said, the main objective of this project was to supply water for drinking purpose to Gwadar Town, Jiwani, Pashkan, Palleri Nigor and surrounding areas. Due to siltation, the capacity of the dam has reduced to 6,500 acre feet. However, in the recent past, the rain fall in the catchment area has

been below average due to which the reservoir has completely dried. The government of Balochistan also constructed Shadi Kaur Dam in District Gwadar recently under the financial assistance of the Federal Government at a cost of Rs. 7930.480 million with storage capacity of 37000 acre feet, aiming to provide 12 MGD water for drinking needs of the Gwadar City.

Since reservoir has been recently completed and due to scant rainfall in the catchment areas of the

dam, 12000 acres feet water has been stored. The dam will be filled up as and when

rain is received in the catchment areas which will certainly supplement drinking water for Gwadar City.

The main objective of the dam project was to irrigate agricultural lands and other objective was water for domestic use for the lower riparian.

The Command Area of the project is about 33,200 acres; out of which 12,400 acres lies on the left bank and about 20,800 acres lies on the right bank of Dasht River.

If the allocation of water from Mirani Dam for Gwadar is made, it will affect the irrigation supplies to the land in the command area of the project as well as the domestic requirement of the local population.