Hashmat Habib condemns Trump statement

ISLAMABAD: Hashmat Habib President Tehreek e Tahaffuz e Adlia has said stupidity of Donald Trumpt is blessing for Muslim Ummah to become one voice but it will be a reason to break of United States into 50 pieces.

In a statement, Hashmat Habib said American should read their fate written on the wall such as US total failure in Afghanistan and also presently in Iran.

He said Pakistan should not take hardline to break relations completely with US. The best way is to learn living within its own limitations not depending on any foreign aid.

He said as a first step all Muslim Countries should detach from dollar currency and adopt Islamic currency. Need not to worry States maintain relations with States not with persons. Government should conduct a forensic audit of all aids, grants & loons from 1947 to date & adopt a national policy.