Have requested US to identify terror hideouts in Pakistan: Kh Asif

ISLAMABAD: Foreign minister Khawaja Asif has said on Wednesday that he has requested United States authorities to identify terror hideouts in Pakistan for action against those.

Asif conversed with journalists today outside the parliament following his United States tour.

During the media talk, the foreign minister said that he stands by his stance, which he maintained in an interview whilst the United States stay, irrespective of its unacceptability by some.

He rhetorically asked why National Action Plan was needed if everything was alright internally.

Asif said that he did not need to earn any certificate for his love for Pakistan from anyone except for the people. He stands by his stance of needing to ‘clean our house’, he added.

While talking about his meetings with US authorities, the minister said that the United States agrees with Pakistan’s reservations over India’s involvement in Afghanistan and with recommendation to seek political solution to Afghanistan troubles.