Healthy ambiance with decrease in PM2, NO2, SO2 concentrations: EPA

ISLAMABAD: The regular monitoring of the air quality has reported the federal capital’s environment healthy as the concentration of particulate matter (PM2) and Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and Sulphur dioxide (SO2) reduced in the atmosphere.

The data has been obtained from the fixed air quality monitoring station located at Pak-EPA premises in sector H-8/2.

According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Friday, air quality data recorded revealed that all the parameters are within permissible limits of National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS).

The 24 hour average of NO2 was 9.13 µg/m3 approximately half reduced than yesterday’s reading and SO2 was 4.99 µg/m3 against the NEQS of 80 and 120 µg/m3. Concentration of Particulate Matter of size 2.5 microns was 22.34 µg/m3 with a slight decrease against 35 µg/m3standard.

It was observed in the report that 24 hours average concentrations of all three parameters particularly NO2, SO2 and Particulate Matter of size less than 2.5 microns (PM2s) were far below the permissible limits of National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS). The concentrations of PM2s during the day time and NO2 during the evening hours were recorded low.