Heavy rain exposes poor condition of roads in twin cities

ISLAMABAD: After taking a pounding from rains for around 24 hours, the condition of the roads in twin-cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad had exposed the shoddy work that was undertaken before the monsoon.

The asphalting has been cleaned up at many places exposing potholes and uneven stretches making the journey of motorists unsafe.

After the rain that lashed the city from last 24 to 36 hours, different roads have broken and even big holes could be seen which pose serious threat to the vehicles and their drivers Bashir, a motorist apprised.

The toppings of roads have been flown and accumulated in small mounds creating natural speed breakers, Bashir added.

Some of the worst affected areas are Sadiqabad, surroundings of Murree road, Asghar Mall, double road, Saidpur road, G-8 to G-9 and especially NDC to 7-Up Chowk which being used by heavy traffic presents an horrible look as it has deteriorated and turned into pieces after heavy rains, survey revealed.

The IJP Road is one of the busiest roads in the twin cities and the civic body needs to make arrangements for the road’s repairs to avert accidents and maintain a smooth flow of traffic.

“The condition of the road near the Islamabad Railway Station and Dry Port is also very bad and several vehicles have met the accidents,” said Bilal Ahmed, a motorist who lives in Sector I-10/2 and uses this road for attending his office in Blue Area.

Residents of the twin cities have urged the concerned authorities to look into the matter and rehabilitate such potholes and cracks between the roads to ensure a safe journey for drivers as they need urgent repairing.