ICT team fines 4,525 profiteers with Rs. 8.062 mln in 2 months

ISLAMABAD: The monitoring teams of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Administration have checked 5,087 shops and imposed fine of Rs. 8.062 million against those who were not following price list of essential commodities in last two months.

The amount of fine was imposed on 4,525 profiteers while 114 persons were also sent to jail during the period, a data issued by Interior and Narcotics Control Division showed here on Friday.

It said price List of items like fruits, vegetables, chickens, and eggs etc, is issued by Market Committee on daily basis while rates of wheat flour, ghee, pluses, sugar etc. are fixed and notified by Deputy Commissioner ICT.

The price list is distributed by Market Committee and teams, comprising Assistant Commissioners, Magistrates, Special Price Magistrates, take cognizance of violations. Profiteers are fined and in some cases sent to jail.