Imran has sullied image of politics through his detestable antic: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD:Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage, responding to the tirade against the Sharif family by Imran Khan at workers convention of PTI, has said that Imran has sullied the image of politics through his detestable antics.

She said he was an enemy of development and a great threat to the country, due to his irrepressible lust for power and politics at the cost of Pakistan.

In a statement issued here Sunday, she said that he was also a threat to the constitutional state institutions, which had been insulted, abused, denigrated and attacked by him.

Marriyum observed that the people he was referring to were appearing before the law and the constitution in spite of false allegations against them. She said that the entire nation knew well who was running away from accountability, a proclaimed offender and an absconder from the courts.

The MOS said that the people of Pakistan knew his real credentials and posed a question as to whom he was trying to befool by fabricating lies.

The minister said that Imran would not be able to achieve his objective by being jealous of former Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif as it was due to his vision and the efforts of the present government that Pakistan had regained its respect and prestige at the global level and its identity had been revived.

She advised him to wait till 2018 and let the country tread the constitutional path. The PTI had been defeated in NA-120 and as the 2018 election would draw near Imran would feel scared of even the shadow of Maryam Nawaz, she added.