Imran Khan is specialist in money laundering: PPP leader

ISLAMABAD: President Pakistan Peoples Party Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Himayun Khan has said that it is joke of the century that a person called Imran Khan is talking about eliminating corruption from the country whereas his father was thrown out of government job for corruption and malpractices.

Imran Khan is on the record to ask people during dharna to send money to Pakistan through Hundi which is a proof that he is an expert in money laundering. Using his money laundering expertise he has transferred KP government money to Banigala to have a lavish life for himself. This is the reason that thousands of educational institutions and hospitals have been made redundant in KP. All development work in KP has been stopped to siphon the money for Imran Khan’s luxuries.

Himayun Khan said that on one hand he is an absconder and avoiding courts and on the other holding public rallies all around. Imran Khan is confused under heavy dose of drugs, it seems, Himayun Khan said. This might be due to evident defeat in NA-4 bye-election.

The brave people of KP have identified Imran Khan as a coward and liar who refuses to meet his own party workers despite inviting them to Islamabad. It is a fact that Imran Khan is seldom in his senses and this is the reason no one takes him seriously, Himayun Khan concluded.