Imran reiterates demand for fresh elections

Says PML-N confronting with state institutions

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has reiterated its demand for fresh elections stating that PMLN is moving towards confrontation with state institutions in a bid to save Sharif family’s neck.

Chairman PTI imparted to mobilize public in order to fence PMLN’s evil designs to malign democracy and state institutions and announced to counter efforts of rescuing the greatest thief of all times, Nawaz Sharif and his family from accountability.

PMLN is obliterating law and jeopardizing democracy to safeguard house Sharif and their ill-gotten wealth, said Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Imran Khan while addressing an important press conference in Islamabad Monday.

According to the details issued by Central Media Department Chairman PTI Imran Khan has demanded early elections in the country stating that continuation of democracy resides in holding free and fair elections.

PMLN, he stated, is hell bent upon rescuing Sharif family and safeguarding their ill-gotten wealth defying national interest. Imran Khan lashed out PMLN for the controversial election bill 2017 and NAB law stating that the sole purpose of the sitting government is to save one family’s corruption and making laws to pave the way for looters and plunderers into the realm of politics.

Imran Khan censured PMLN stating that his case is being portrayed in the same light as that of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. "I am ready for accountability, I have submitted all the documents pertaining to the money I earned abroad for 20 years, Imran Khan said and added that he had given details more than what is asked for in Hanif Abbasi’s petition. He went on adding that he has presented banking transaction details and complete money trail of his property and on the other hand Nawaz Sharif, instead of giving proofs of their ill-gotten wealth, rants and chants asking innocently “why I was ousted?”

Imran Khan said that PTI will resist the Elections Bill 2017 from passing from the lower house of the parliament and also stated that this bill aims at providing opportunity to a criminal to become head of a party. Referring to PMLN’s move he stated that the moral conscience of the country is being jeopardized by creating a law for a criminal.

Criticizing the ruling PML-N He said that Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal had staged a drama in the capital today as Nawaz appeared before an accountability court for hearing. He censured Interior minister for the vile statement and stated that his statement would create conflict among the country’s institutions and vandalize Pakistan’s image abroad.

Responding to a question Imran Khan stated that his party is contacting other opposition parties and inviting them to challenge the bill, which had been unfortunately passed with a majority vote by Senate earlier.

Talking about change of leader of opposition he said that Shah Mehmood Qureshi is one of the finest parliamentarians of all the time and added that after consultation with the party members, consensus will be developed on the matter of party’s name for opposition leader.

Chairman PTI vowed to fight against corrupt mafia and said that PTI will resolutely play its role in strengthening institutions for the sustenance and continuation of democracy in the country.