India cannot suppress voice of deprived Kashmiris through barbarism: Dr Firdous

ISLAMABAD:Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on Thursday said that India could not suppress the voice of deprived Kashmiris by committing barbarism and tyranny against them.

Talking to media persons outside the Parliament House, she said that the whole world should take notice of atrocities of the Indian government on the people of Kashmir.

The president in his address to the joint sitting of the Parliament appreciated the efforts of the government for the Kashmir cause, she said.

She said that opposition had tried to give negative message to the world through their protest during the presidential address. Due to the attitude of the opposition, the whole nation had come to know that how much opposition was serious about the the Kashmir cause.

The special assistant said the president in his address comprehensively highlighted the issues of health, education, unemployment and population .She said the president’s address had given a very clear message, as the President was highlighting the national cause while the opposition was clamoring for their own cause.