India fast tracks Hindu resettlement plan to win long-due plebiscite in IIOJK

ISLAMABAD: Taking advantage of the worldwide health crisis, the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) in New Delhi has put its Hindu resettlement plan on fast-track to bring demographic changes in the Illegally Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), possibly for winning a long due plebiscite.

The BJP came into power in India in 2014 and installed its fascist leader Narendra Modi as Prime Minister to spread the virus of hate, manufactured in the laboratory of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)- the champion of Hindutva ideology, inspired by the Nazis regime of Germany.

In a first leg, the Indian government stripped the IIOJK of its special status by revoking articles 35-A and 370 of the Indian constitution on August 05, 2019 that barred non-Kashmiris to purchase a piece of land in the valley.

The August 5 move of India was followed by a strict curfew, compounded with the coronavirus lockdown and complete communication blackout in the valley. The Indian initiative, under which it raised its army to 900, 000 in the valley, received worldwide condemnation and Kashmiris’ outcry. Even its own ally termed the move as robbery and insult.

The President of pro-India Peoples Democratic Party, Mehbooba Mufti, who had been puppet Chief Minister of IIOJK before the August 5 illegal, unconstitutional and immoral move, said that “none of us can forget August 5 robbery and insult.” In an audio clip, posted by her on twitter said, “I have been set free after more than a year today. All this while the dark day of August 5, 2019 and the decisions taken on this day kept troubling me heart within hearts. I fully realise that the same feeling would have been that of all the people of Jammu and Kashmir. None of us can forget the robbery and insult committed on that day (August 5, 2019) and now we all must firmly decide that what was snatched away in an unconstitutional and undemocratic manner would be restored.” Every act, which has been taken by India in IIOJK after revocation of the articles 370 and 35-A, is considered illegal. New Delhi has not only flouted the United Nations Security Council resolution but also violated its own constitution and bilateral agreements with Pakistan. Since then, India has stepped up its efforts to roll out its other illegal initiatives, aimed at turning the valley into a Hindu-dominant state by implementing its Hindu resettlement plan, which envisioned settlement of over 300, 000 Hindu that had left the valley during 1989 protests.

Moving forward briskly for implementation of its Hindu Resettlement plan, India also introduced a new domicile Act in the IIOJK and has reportedly issued over 500, 000 to non-Kashmiris for gaining a majority in the plebiscite, which was long-due in line with the United Nations Security Council resolutions.

In an attempt to muzzle the freedom voices in the IIOJK, it also amended the Public Safety Act depriving the Kashmiri people of their fundamental rights by allowing the armed forces to jail the freedom leaders outside Kashmir.

The Indian authorities have also recently locked Kashmir news Service (KNS) office and English Daily “The Kashmir Times” in Srinagar, which is an attempt to divert world attention from its brutalities on innocent and unarmed Kashmiris, fighting for liberation.

The BJP government has imposed a tax on lands and properties to colonize IIOJK by compelling Kashmiris to sell their properties to non-Kashmiris. Earlier, the Indian government abolished Roshni Act to compel Muslims to sell their properties they had purchased under the act in Jammu region. The sole aim was to maintain Hindu dominance in Jammu district. Under the Roshni Act, around 25, 000 people of Kashmir valley had purchased land in Jammu region, while in Kashmir valley only 5, 000 people got settled under the act. Of the 25, 000 people, who were given possession of the land in Jammu, about 90 per cent were Muslims, said the media reports.

At a time when the Indian Illegally Jammu & Kashmir (IIOJK) is already reeling under double lockdown, the military siege following August 5 illegal decisions and lockdown on the pretext of COVID-19), the extremist BJP government has amended municipal laws of the occupied state.

Reports emanating from IIOJK quote official documents stating, Municipal Corporations, Municipal Councils and Municipal Committees in their respective areas have been vested with powers by way of several amendments in the Jammu and Kashmir Municipal Act, 2000 and Jammu and Kashmir Municipal Corporation Act, 2000 carried through the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization (Adaptation of State Laws) Order, 2020. By virtue of the amendments, a J&K Property Tax board has also been constituted.

Accordingly, the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has empowered the local government to designate municipal authorities to impose Property Tax on all properties falling within their jurisdictions. In 2011 efforts were made to introduce amendments in the said laws, however owing to stiff political opposition the bills lapsed and no such amendments could be made.

India has also chalked out a plan to curb Kashmir economy by imposing double lockdowns and introducing law, which meant to slow down economic activities in the region.

By taking all these measures and many more in pipeline, India is fast moving to transform the Muslim dominant state into to Hindu majority to impose its Hindutva ideology. The recent illegal and immoral acts should serve as an eye opener for the world to take immediate measures to get the issue resolved in accordance with the aspirations of the Kashmir people and under the ambit of UNSC resolutions. The resolution of the dispute is also imperative to ensure durable peace as well as regional development