India to grant medical visas to two ailing Pakistani nationals

NEW DELHI: The Indian government will grant medical visas to two ailing Pakistani nationals including a three-year-old girl who needs an open heart surgery, officials said Saturday.

The confirmation was given by Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj.

Swaraj took to Twitter to respond to the requests from Pakistani nationals regarding issuance of visas.

“We are issuing visa for the open heart surgery of your three-year-old daughter in India. We also pray for her speedy recovery here,” Swaraj wrote on Twitter in response to the request from Uzair Humayun, a Lahore-based man, whose daughter needs an open heart surgery.

Swaraj also responded positively to another ailing Pakistani national Noorma Habib, who sought the minister’s intervention in granting medical visa to her father who she said needs an urgent liver transplant.

“Yes, Noorma. We are allowing visa for the liver transplant of your father in India. We wish him a successful surgery and a long life,” Swaraj wrote.

Swaraj has been proactive and prompt in reaching out to the people, especially distressed ones both Indians and foreigners, and taking cognizance of issues pertaining to her ministry using social media.