Inspirational work by Rukhe Nelofar goes on display

ISLAMABAD:A collection of paintings by established female artist Rukhe Nelofar Zaidi was put on display here Sunday at Nomad Art gallery featuring inspirational and stunning works for art lovers of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The female artist, Rukhe Nelofar has been teaching at school and university level for more than 20 years and held many exhibitions of her paintings at home and abroad.

Born to a family of artists, Rukhe Nelofer considers herself extremely lucky to have parents who had many artistic talents as her father played many musical instruments, painted very well, made beautiful boxes and other paper/wood toys and her mother wrote poetry and had very melodious singing voices.

The artist says, “I am simply in love with colors that create life; reflect beauty, emotions and all human expressions. Painting gives me a reason to live; look forward to future, a commitment to fulfill. That is why my subjects are usually women as I feel I can relate with them. I paint women of my class, educated, independent, broad-minded and thoughtful; yet, bound by ancient traditions and religious taboos.”

She find bird’s eye view which is a very challenging angle, especially with flat painting style where the depth and perspective can only be achieved through minimal lines.

This nature of work gives her a better perspective and understanding of life, enabling the artist to deal with difficult situations with positive strength.

She worked at Beacon house Head office, Lahore, as System’s Manager Art Curriculum, Pakistan National Commission for UNESCO as Expert Culture, Punjab University, Institute of Art and Design as Visiting Lecturer, International School of Choueifat as Head of Department, Fine Arts.