Int’l media declines to implement Indian govt decision on Kashmir : Speakers

ISLAMABAD:A group of Kashmiri lobbyists, activists and lawyers said on Wednesday that the international media has declined to implement government of India’s decisions on Kashmir, insisting to referring the region as disputed territory.

Addressing a press conference here, they said, India had faced the worst international isolation on Kashmir issue in seven decades while the United States, China, the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) have put India in the spotlight.

Kashmiris warn India against creating Indian settlements in Kashmir, which could lead to frictions and violence, they added.

Altaf Hussain Wani, a political activist and rights defender from Indian-occupied Kashmir said, Kashmiri nation will resist through all legal means under international law against any attempts to create foreign Indian settlements on the territories of the State of Jammu & Kashmir.

“Kashmiri people are confident that Pakistan, other peace-loving nations of the world, international media, and rights defenders will stand by the people of Kashmir,” he said.

He welcomed positions of the Governments of the United States and China on India’s illegal actions in Kashmir, saying that they were looking forward to UN Security Council and UN Secretary General mandating the creation of a Special Envoy on Jammu & Kashmir.

“We welcome President Trump’s offer of mediation in the conflict. This is the time for the United States to play a historic role in resolving this issue and bringing peace to Pakistan, India, and Kashmiris,” Wani said.

Barrister Shoaib Razzaq explained the options to challenge India on Kashmir at International Court of Justice and laid out options before Indian civil society to challenge the illegal actions by the Government of India in the Supreme Court of India.

Ahmed Quraishi, Executive Director of Youth Forum for Kashmir (YFK) said India’s mishandling of Kashmir has ensured the biggest internationalization of Kashmir Conflict since the UN passed its resolutions.

“The Government of India, and the Indian media, are internationally isolated in their position on Kashmir. This level of Indian isolation on Kashmir is unprecedented in the seven decades of this conflict,” he said.

“The Government of India is pushing the situation inside Kashmir towards a civil war. We warn Government of India against embarking on creating Indian settlements in Kashmir and transferring Indian citizens to change Kashmir demographics,” Quraishi said.

“Indian citizens are welcomed by Kashmiris as neighbors, but Indian settlers are and will always be foreigners in Kashmir. Forcible creation of Indian settlements could lead to friction and violence. India should desist from creating these conditions,” Quraishi added.