Islamabad Police arrest 997 drug pushers during 2017

ISLAMABAD:Islamabad Police arrested 997 persons during 2017 for having narcotics and liquor and recovered 400.787 kilogram hashish, 86.750 kilogram heroin, 21.241 kilogram opium and 29,862 wine bottles from their possession.

Police source Friday said a total of 880 cases were registered, 716 cases against 751 persons for possessing illegal weapons and recovered 81 kalashnikovs/rifles, 69 carbines, 582 pistols/revolvers, one machine gun, 40 daggers and 7,133 rounds from them.

Overall, he said Islamabad Police arrested 4,450 criminals during 2017 and recovered valuables worth more than Rs400 millions from them. A total of 234 criminal gangs were busted, 289 stolen vehicles and 122 motorbikes were recovered while 851 proclaimed offenders were also held.

The commitment and devotion by the personnel of Islamabad Police despite several constraints, made them successful against the criminal elements this year, he maintained.

He said 620 gangsters of 234 gangs were apprehended. He said safe city project was very helpful in checking crime and 608 different cases were traced through it during 2017and criminals were arrested.

Following directions of minister for interior, Islamabad Police launched crackdown against those involved in supplying drugs at educational institutions and nabbed 68 drug pushers. Police also recovered 39.924 kilogram hashish, 7287 gram heroin, 380 gram opium, wine, ice and tranquilizers from them.