Kartarpur corridor step forward to resolve Kashmir issue: Sheikh Rashid

ISLAMABAD:Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Friday while mocking the opposition said ignorant politicians could not understand the positive impact of the “Kartarpur Corridor” at Kashmir issue.

Talking to a private news channel he emphasized that opening a visa free gateway for Sikh yatrees and Nanak saab’s naamlevas would introduce the real peace-loving face of the country to the world.

“The immature opposition leaders should realize that the nation could not be fooled anymore over their false accusations and self-created issues against the government,” he said.

Imran Khan has become single leader of the subcontinent who has been loved by the public of our conventional rival state as he presented the most valuable and memorable gift to Sikh people at auspicious occasion of 550th birthday of Baba Guru Nanak, he mentioned.