Kashmiris want peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute: Mirwaiz

ISLAMABAD: Chairman of Hurriyat forum, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq in Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK), has said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir want peaceful political solution of the Kashmir dispute.

According to reporter, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq in a media interview in Srinagar said that India wanted to hit the indigenous character of the Kashmir movement and was creating the discourse that everything in occupied Kashmir was Pakistan-driven, money-driven and sponsored.

He said the direction that Indian media, particularly the electronic media has taken, is that every Kashmiri has become an enemy. “The moment you

talk about Kashmir and if you don’t agree with their discourse, you are a traitor,” he added. He condemned the killing of innocent youth by Indian forces to suppress the Kashmiris’ liberation struggle.

The Mirwaiz said that NIA raids were aimed at defaming the resistance leadership and the freedom movement. “No doubt this is a difficult time for us.

There is an all-out onslaught on us. In 2016, there was mass uprising.

They (Indian authorities) arrested Hurriyat leaders but it didn’t change anything.

They thought arresting us is like giving us respect, raising our reputation among people. So they came up with the idea to tarnish our reputation.

They still arrested us but this time the charges were different. They said we were involved in money-laundering, corruption and building property. This is to hit our credibility. But people are smart enough to see what is happening around.”

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said the Kashmiris’ liberation movement had transformed into a peaceful resistance. “It began with the 2008 agitation when people realised that a non-violent struggle had a stronger impact than a violent one.

Even though the 2016 uprising began with the martyrdom of Burhan Wani, the resistance was non-violent. But the sense one gets is that New Delhi feels more comfortable dealing with a violent rather than a non-violent struggle,” he said.