KC-EU appraises RAFTO-Norway for conferring award to Kashmiri leaders

BRUSSELS: Chairman Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) has appraised the RAFTO Foundation of Norway for conferring its award of 2017 to two leading Kashmiri human right defenders.

In a statement from Brussels, Mr Ali Raza Syed said, the internationally famous award to Parvez Imroz and Perveena Ahangar is worldwide recognition of rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

The statement said, the human rights activists refused to accept the violation and abuses of human rights in Indian Held Kashmir as they are struggling to protect the rights of the oppressed people of Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) for a long time.

It is acceptance of their great work for a noble cause of Kashmir. They exposed the violence against those want freedom from Indian occupation in IHK.

Parvez Imroz and Perveena Ahangar are such people who teach peace and work for peace and human rights. They share their voices against state terrorism and severe brutalities committed by the Indian occupation forces in IHK.

Mr Ali Raza underlined, the initiative of RAFTO Norway for giving award to the kashmiri activists prove that crimes against humanity including harassment of women and children has no place in the civilised world.

“This award is not just for two Kashmiris but it is for whole Kashmiri nation who are suffering from the Indian atrocities in IHK as well as for the people who are struggling for their rights in IHK.

He hope that the award will give more awareness about Kashmir issue and will give more voice and courage to the voiceless people of Kashmir.

Giving reference of recent report of Amnesty International (AI) regarding violence in IHK, Mr Ali Raza Syed said, nobody can deny the facts about ground situation in Indian Held Kashmir.  In its report, the Amnesty acknowledged that Jammu and Kashmir state is witnessed a large scale human rights violations by Indian  authorities.

Chairman Kashmir Council EU urged the international community to stop human rights violations in IHK. They world community specially United Nation and EU should come forward and take step for a peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue.