Lack of pedestrian bridge at Kashmir Highway putting lives of people at danger

ISLAMABAD:Lack of pedestrian bridge at Kashmir Highway is unsafe for the people who visit the weekly bazaar of Peshawar Morr thrice in a week, putting their lives at danger by crossing the busiest road of the capital.

The Kashmir Highway that starts from the Islamabad Motorway Interchange and runs through the city has recently seen construction of the Islamabad Metro Bus extension that will connect the Islamabad-Rawalpindi Metro Bus with the Islamabad International Airport.

At present, no overhead bridge has been constructed on the seven-kilometre long stretch of the Metro Bus extension and the pedestrians can be seen crossing the road on foot, endangering their lives and limbs.

Talking to reporter, Haider Ali khan resident of the G-9 said that people of various sectors come to weekly bazaar of Peshawar Morr to purchase items of daily use but facing sever life risk by crossing the busy road of Kashmir Highway.

Same like this, Jinnah Avenue, running across F and G sectors, is the most plied road in the capital. In the absence of the overhead bridges, the pedestrians have no other option but to cross the eight-lanes of the Jinnah Avenue and the Metrobus track to reach the other side.

In the absence of the overhead bridges, the gaps left in the fences of the Metrobus is the only way to reach the other side.

“I work as an office assistant, my job involves delivering files and running other errands across the Jinnah Avenue many times a day,” said Daniyal Khan, who works in a private construction office in Blue Area.

He said that the shortest way to the other side was crossing the road and the Metrobus track through gaps in the fences. “It is dangerous due to speeding traffic but what other choice do I have.

I request the Capital Development Authority and the senior Metro bus officials to install the overhead bridges on an appropriate distance to facilitate thousands like me,” he said.

When Contacted to the CDA official he admitted that issue is vulnerable but the civic body has no proposal to construct the overhead bridge due to financial constraint.