Large number of citizens visit graveyards offer Fateha

ISLAMABAD: A large number of citizens were visiting graveyards on 9th Muharamm (Saturday) in order to remember their loves ones and offer prayers for their forgiveness.

A report aired by a private news channel, in Pakistan every year during the month of Muharram muslims do mud plaster on their family graves.

A citizens, visiting graveyards said that if today we are visiting

graves of our ancestors then tomorrow our children would come here to visit and offer prayers for us.

Families were reciting the verses of the Holy Quran beside the graves of their dear ones.

Vendors also set up stalls at the gates and roads leading to the cemeteries for the visitors to buy wreaths, rose petals and water for showering on the graves.

“Every year on Youm-e-Ashur , I come here to offer Fateha at the grave of my father, which gives me consolation,” Ikram Mussa a visitor at the graveyard said.