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Late Nasir Saleem was remembered on his 75th birth anniversary

ISLAMABAD:Recognised with ‘The President’s Pride of Performance Award’, television and film actor, Saleem Nasir’s birth anniversary was celebrated throughout the country on Friday.

The classical and versatile actor was born on November 15, 1944 in Nagpur, which then was under colonial rule and was called British India while he breathed his last on October 19, 1989 after a short but glowing career.

The late actor had suffered a cardiac arrest on September 4, 1989 and later died of extreme heart congestion in October.

Still shows late artiste immortalizing a character in a PTV drama, different noted personalities of film and television termed his demise at 44 years of age an irreplaceable loss the world of cinema and art.

His profile includes the fact that he ran a successful entertainment magazine called ‘TV Tempo’ besides a successful career in films where he played roles in huge starrers including Waheed Murad’s Zaib-un-Nisa.

He also played roles in films, Aangan Terha, Dastak, Ankahi, Nishan-e-Haider, Aakhri Chatan among others.

As late Nasir polished his craft in films, he did not sideline television and treated the medium not lesser than he did the silver screen.