Law Ministry achieves 92% target in 1st quarter

ISLAMABAD:The Ministry of Law and Justice had achieved 92 percent target against it’s own committed targets in 1st quarter (July 1 to September 30) of performance agreements.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Establishment Muhammad Shahzad Arbab on Wednesday wrote a letter to the Minister for Law and Justice Barrister Dr Farogh Naseem and stated, “I wish to thank your ministry for undertaking the first quarter review of the Performance Agreements”.

He stated “The Prime Minister had seen the quarterly performance of all ministries/divisions. He had desired to inform you that he will personally review the six monthly performance and urged that performance needs to be further improved. The average completion rate of all ministries is 62 percent, whereas Ministry of Law and Justice has achieved 92 percent rate.”

The content of the letter further read that review sessions for each ministry were held by the SAPM together with the Peer Review Committee (PRC) comprising Deputy Chairman Planning Commission and senior representatives of Divisions of Cabinet, Establishment, Finance and Planning. Quarterly review were not only to take stock of progress against the agreed targets between the Prime Minister and the Ministry but an opportunity for ministries to identify delays being caused due to dependencies on other ministers. The PRC facilitates ministers in resolving the dependencies for speedy implementation of the Performance Agreements, it added.