Marriyum calls Imran a puppet of Umpire’s finger

ISLAMABAD:Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb reacting to Imran’s convulsions at a public rally in Buner calling Shahid Khaqan Abbassi a puppet Prime Minister said that Imran himself was puppet of Umpire’s finger therefore he also viewed others like him.

The minister, in a statement issued here Sunday, wondered as to how a person who was responsible for inculcating negative behaviours like impertinence, depravity and insolence in the society could have the audacity to talk about morals?

She said that Imran was a mentally deranged person who was obsessed with the notion that only the persons joining PTI were ‘Sadiq ‘ and ‘Ameen’.

The MOS said that it was unbecoming of Imran Khan to talk about respect for the state institutions and before indulging in such rhetoric he should present himself in the court to end his status as a proclaimed offender. She said that Imran indulged in money laundering using Zakat Fund and was not prepared to answer about party funding but was pointing accusing fingers at those who had accounted for each and every penny.

The minister said that Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, his late father, Sharif family and women of that honourable family had faced accountability. She said that Mohammad Nawaz Sharif had worked for building the country while the opponents were busy in implementing their disruptive agenda.

Marriyum pointed out that during the last four years Imran only organized sit-ins, spread chaos in the country, resorted to disruptive politics and denigrated the state institutions. The PTI government had wasted four years of the people of Kyber Pakhtunkhwa, she added.

She said that while Imran could find time to chill out at Nathia Gali he failed to take appropriate measures to control Dengue in KP.

The MOS said that in the 2018 elections, the people would hold him accountable for what he had been doing. She said that the workers of PML-N would make KP the citadel of PML-(N, which would form the government in the province in 2018.