MD PTDC seeks assistance of US for Promotion of Tourism in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD:Managing Director Pakistan Tourism Corporation (PTDC) Abdul Ghafoor met Economic Counsellor of US

Embassy in Pakistan, Chip Laitinen where he briefed him on tourism sector in Pakistan.

Ghafoor told that Pakistan and USA have successfully completed seventy years of diplomatic relations and USAID is providing Pakistan with support in Health, Education and Infrastructure

development in rural areas of the country said a press release issued here.

There are countless opportunities available for tourism in Pakistan but negative image from International Media resulted in low foreign tourist flow to Pakistan, whereas the actual situation is


Pakistan is completely peaceful and safe for foreign tourists. He told that in his recent visit to Qatar, he met Secretary General UNWTO Talib Rifai and requested to hold UNWTO Conferences in

Pakistan as well as help us in removing negative travel advisories their response was positive.

Ghafoor said that positive policies of the present government are resulting in creation of new jobs, increased exports as well as opportunities for investment in tourism and other sectors of the economy.

Tourist spots and historical places are spread all over the country from Khyber to Karachi and Khunjerab to Gwader.

We have signed a few agreements with different countries to cooperate in the field of tourism.

We are about to appoint tourism coordinators all over the world who will work as a representatives of Pakistan tourism industry abroad to increase tourist flow to the country by taking tour operators and travel agents in the loop.

We have also taken up the matter with Government to introduce visa on arrival facility to group tourists.

He added that support of US Embassy is required to promote tourism and create awareness in USA about peace in Pakistan. A large number of American Tourist spend their holidays abroad every year.

Support of US Embassy can bring a large number of US citizens to Pakistan for tourism purpose.

Economic Counsellor Chip Laitinen appreciated the efforts of Abdul Ghafoor as Managing Director Pakistan tourism for promotion and development of tourism in the country.

He said that he has heard a lot about beauty and natural resources in the Northern parts of Pakistan, as well as the rest of the country.

He added that US Embassy will consider the suggestions and recommendations of MD PTDC. Ch. Ghafoor invited him to visit Northern Areas of Pakistan.