Meeting of Standing Committee on Planning, Development, Reforms held

ISLAMABAD: Meeting of the Sub-Committee of the Standing Committee on Planning, Development and Reforms was held at Parliament House, Islamabad.

The meeting was attended by, Senator Karim Ahmed Khawaja as Convenor of the Sub-Committee and Senators Mohammad Mohsin Khan Leghari and Saeed ul Hassan Mandokhail as Members.

The Committee was convened in the beginning by Senator Saeed ul Hassan Mandokhail due to absence of Convenor Sub-Committee. The Convenor joined at a later time since his flight was delayed because of technical problems.

The representative from Ministry of Ports and Shipping briefed the Committee that the subject of developing jetties on ports did not come in the purview of Ministry of Ports and Shipping and hence no allocation on the subject had been made in the ministerial PSDP. The Secretary, Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms agreed and pointed out that developing, maintaining and planning for jetties was a provincial subject after devolution. He suggested that data on required areas could be collected from the Provincial Secretaries Livestock of Sindh and Balochistan. This suggestion was appreciated by Senator Mohammad Mohsin Khan Leghari who elaborated that such data would help determine the need and resources required to initiate projects to develop jetties.

Senators Mohammad Mohsin Khan Leghari and Saeed ul Hassan Mandokhail showed deep concern for water schemes for water conservation in the country, especially Balochistan. The Chief Planning Commissioner briefed that two technologies were available to increase rainfall in areas like Balochistan. The first method was to bombard clouds with silver chloride. The second method, developed by Russia, was to make use of electromagnetic distribution changes for rainfall. He suggested that WAPDA could take the issue at hand and utilize these technologies to increase rainfall levels in dry areas of Balochistan.

The final decision of the Committee was to arrange a detailed visit of the Coastal Belt of Pakistan, including Ports at Gawadar, Karachi and Qasim to determine feasibility of making jetties. For further cooperation, in this regard, the provincial governments and provincial representatives of Planning Commission were to be approached.