Miandad salutes Pak Army for holding Peace Cup in NWA

ISLAMABAD: Acknowledging Pakistan Army’s role in restoration of peace in the country, former captain Javed Miandad Monday said the holding of Peace Cup at the scenic Younis Khan Stadium, Miranshah, North Waziristan Agency had sent a message to the world that Pakistan is safe for sports activities.

“I salute Pakistan Army for playing its part in revival of international cricket in the country. First it assisted the successful holding of Independence Cup in Lahore and soon after that it organized a super show at Miranshah,” he told reporter.

He said it has perhaps for the first time that the people of Miranshah have seen national cricketers playing in their own area. “I believe this will further promote cricket there,” he said.

He said Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Police have been fighting for peace and also playing their respective roles in reviving sports in the country. “We should respect and appreciate our armed forces,” he said.

Miandad urged Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to convince European teams to tour Pakistan.

“PCB must hire the services of former Pakistani cricketers for persuading European teams to tour Pakistan,” he said.

Miandad also lauded Independence Cup saying Pakistani nation has come out victorious from the menace of terrorism as international cricket has revived in the country.

He said no country is safe from the menace of terrorism, but the security situation in Pakistan has been improved. “Our armed forces are best in the world,” he said.

Miandad said World XI and UK media players have returned to their countries with full-satisfaction that Pakistan is a safe country for international sports activities.