Migration has become the future of the world: Prof Bertrand Badie

ISLAMABAD:Professor Bertrand Badie, a French International Relations thinker, Monday said that migration has become the future of the world where a migrant is deemed the most active person in the society.

Prof Badie delivered these remarks during a seminar on “Toward New Global Governance” organized by Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) here.

He said that the global governance order went obsolete with the collapse of globalization, decolonization and bipolarism.

If we look from the perspective of political science literature then there was nothing like Globalization, adding it basically meant inclusion which in the real sense invented the most unequal social system, he remarked.

“The social issues are more important than strategic issues. Missiles are less significant as compared to food security issues,” Prof Badie said.

On a global vision, he said terrorism was the outcome of starvation where the inclusion (globalization) was not a blind phenomenon.

“Now with media communication we came to know that poor and weak were interdependent. In the world of interdependence, conventionally the weak were depending on the powerful whereas at present the things had changed topsy-turvy. The powerful was depending on the weak and the weak had become a weak link,” he remarked.

With the failure of decolonization it brought into account that the new countries were not taken up in the decision making process of new world order at that time, he added.

Prof Badie said that it was majorly believed that the decolonized group of new countries was subordinate of USA and USSR and no plan was there to include the new states and countries in the world order.

The violence of decolonization was still persisting in the world, adding when UN was formed with 51 founding members which were now 193 but nothing had changed over the years, he mentioned.

The new countries would have invented new form of diplomacy namely “Protest Diplomacy” which aimed at resisting the world for proper incorporation in the process of global governance. The present day world was working on protest diplomacy but failed to achieve any goal through it, he opined.

Badie said that the breakdown of bipolarism resulted into an imbalance in the global governance as in the absence of a competitor at the global level it difficult to impose a single players own set of values. It is time to reject the models of governance not working as in the sovereign world issues were resolved through political negotiations.

“If there’s no political alternative then no global governance can exist,” he added.

Joint Executive Director SDPI, Dr Vaqar Ahmed said that the ideas shed by Prof Badie at New Global Governance issue had lessons for Pakistan. These ideas would also open up discussions among the faculty and research students of SDPI, he added.