Ministry supports implementation climate change projects: Minister

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Climate change Senator Mushaidullah Khan highlighted in Senate Standing Committee on Climate Change that Ministry of Climate Change provides its support to all federating units to combat climate change effects.

He further said that climate change is provincial responsibility but Ministry of Climate Change always supports them. The most of the forest cover is in KPK, Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir. The forests in these areas are cut for commercial purposes. It is duty of respective provinces to prevent forest degradation.

He also informed that 12000 tons of waste from Buffalo colony of Karachi is being discharged into sea. He also emphasized to create awareness among masses on climate change issue through media. It was also decided in the meeting that a coordinating committee on climate change could be formed including parliamentarians for better coordination. Senators appreciated the Federal Minister for Climate Change Mushahidullah Khan for his active efforts to reduce climate change effects.

The additional Secretary of Ministry of Climate Change informed the members that gender has been given special importance in all policies formed by the ministry of Climate Change. The additional Secretary Ministry of Climate Change informed the members that Glacier lake Outbursts Floods is first project being in its final phase of implementation through Green Climate Fund. In this project local communities especially women, children and old people shall be trained how to cop with emergency situation caused by glacier lake outburst floods.