Mobile phone import up 39.57% in July, Aug

ISLAMABAD: The import of mobile phones into the countryincreased by 39.57 percent during July-August 2017 as compared to same period of previous year.

The import jumped to $129.392 million in July-August 2017 from $92.707 million during first two months of the previous fiscal year, said a latest data released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

On year-on-year basis, the mobile import went up to $60.822 mln in August 2017 from $46.5 mln in August 2016 thus showing an increase of 30.8 percent whereas on month-on-month basis, the import declined by 11.3 percent as during July 2016, the mobile import stood at $68.57 mln.

Overall Telecom import also increased by 35.3 percent as it increased from $170.6 mln in July-August 2016-17 to $230.9 mln in first two months of current fiscal year.

On year-on-year and month-on-month basis the telecom import in August 2017 witnessed an increase of 21.26 percent in August 2016 and 2.53 per cent in July 2017.The telcom import increased from $96.4 mln in August 2016 and $114.01 mln in July 2017 to $116.9 mln in August 2017.