MoHR achieves lots of milestone on women rights protection

ISLAMABAD: Ministry of Human Rights has achieved many milestones regarding the women’s rights protection from last two years.

According to a report ministry of Human Rights issued here on Friday, ministry has achieved many milestones regarding the women’s rights protection including drafting the ICT Domestic Violence Bill 2020, finalizing a policy for women empowerment and conducting several research and awareness campaigns, the report said.

According to the report, the ministry of Human Rights has also launched Public Awareness Campaign under the National Action Plan (NAP) to highlight the issue of women’s inheritance rights.

The ministry in collaboration with the Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan has drafted a bill, titled “Legal Aid and Justice Authority Bill, ” which had already been passed by the parliament.

The ministry also took initiatives on women’s right to inheritance, the report added.

The ministry made significant progress in advancing child rights in the country, including enactment of Zainab Alert Law 2020, and amendment to add child domestic labour as hazardous employment under schedule of the Child Employment Act 1991.

Legal Aid Justice Authority Act, 2020 was enacted under which free legal aid to the victims was provided.

The ICT Child Protection Act , 2018 and The Juvenile System Act , 2018 were also enacted, the report added.