More Chinese companies likely to invest in Pakistan after construction of special economic zones: Ambassador Khalid

BEIJING: Pakistan Ambassador to China Masood Khalid Thursday said that more Chinese companies are expected to take advantage of investment opportunities after the establishment of special economic zones in Pakistan in near future.

A few months ago, Pakistan and China agreed to build the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), improve infrastructure and enhance connectivity, he told Chinese edition in an exclusive interview.

He said the past few years have seen China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CEPC) become one of the largest and most fruitful and successful projects under the framework of One Belt and One Road and this project has directly created nearly 70,000 jobs in Pakistan.

Ambassador Khalid said with further deepening of bilateral economic cooperation, especially the construction of special economic zones in the near future, Pakistan and China will create more and more cooperation opportunities for mutual benefit and win-win results.

Stressing that the impact of One Belt and One Road initiative on the world is impressive, he said the One Belt and One Road International Cooperation Summit Forum highlights the growing impact of the One Belt and One Road initiative on the world.

Ambassador Khalid said the two sessions in 2019 come at a critical juncture in China’s history. China’s economy is full of vitality, and China is moving toward prosperity and strength.

Since President Xi Jinping put forward the “One Belt and One Road” initiative in the autumn of 2013, the “One Belt and One Road” initiative has made rapid progress and achieved substantial results, he observed.