More forces, elements included in China-Pakistan air forces joint training exercise

BEIJING: A spokesperson of Chinese Ministry of National Defense, Wu Qian said that there were more forces and elements in the China-Pakistan air forces joint training exercise held in Korala, China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, compared to previous years and the combat system was set up in a more perfect way.

“Compared with the previous ones, there are more forces and elements in this joint training exercise, and the combat system is set up in a more perfect way,” China Military, a mouthpiece of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) reported on Friday.

The spokesperson said,”Speaking of Pakistan, the first word popping into my mind is “Batie”, or “Iron Pakistan”.

President Xi Jinping pointed out that the Pakistani military was a mainstay of China-Pakistan friendship.

“If we characterize the China-Pakistan military-to-military relationship with three key words, they will be the all-weather brotherhood, high-level mutual assistance and support, and deep-rooted strategic mutual trust,” he added.

About the characteristics of this joint training exercise, he said, “I want to summarize into five firsts”.

It is the first time for the two sides to conduct joint confrontation training at night in China; the first time to carry out close-in support operations; the first time to organize real-combat target practice during the joint training exercise; the first time to introduce elements of naval aviation and the airborne special operation units, etc.; and also the first time to have pilots from the two sides to fly one plane in the confrontation training”.

Shaheen-VI, the sixth in the series of joint air exercises between air forces of Pakistan and China, is conducted each year in both countries on alternate basis.

Chinese Air Force contingent participated in “Shaheen-V” which was conducted in Pakistan last year.