Mulana Ashrafi urged masses to ensure implementation of SOPs during Ramazan

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to PM on Interfaith Harmony and Middle East Affairs Maulana Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi on Monday urged masses to ensure implementation of Covid-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs) during the fast approaching month of holy Ramazan.

The faithful to follow the precautionary measures while performing the religious obligations, he said while speaking to private news channels.

Like previous year the faithful should strictly adhered to the SOPs in mosques during the holy month, he added.

He appreciated that coronavirus SOPs was implemented in mosques last year effectively. This time too, mosques will be opened to the faithful and full implementation of the SOPs will be ensured.

Replying a query, he made it clear that faithfuls can receive Covid-19 vaccine shots during the fasting of Ramazan.

Taking the vaccine during the daytime will not break the fasting as the jab does not enter the stomach directly as Ulemas have consensus on the point that you can get vaccinated while fasting, he mentioned.

Ashrafi urged the masses to receive coronavirus vaccine for their own and other relatives’ protection.

He said the propaganda against vaccination was totally wrong and those who were asserting this opinion were not the friends of humanity.

Covid could be treated by seeking help of Allah, adding government guidelines should be taken seriously and those who go to the mosques should do ablution at home, keep distance in mosques and take precautionary measures to protect against coronavirus, Ashrafi added.

Ashrafi said that the Saudi government has said that pilgrims coming to the kingdom to perform Hajj and Umrah need to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, with PM’s strict instructions Pakistan would strictly implement it.

He also urged the traders to keep prices of essentials stable during the month of Ramadan.