Mushahid seeks Senate debate on U.S. opposition to OBOR

ISLAMABAD: Chairman of the defence committee in the Senate Mushahid Hussain Sayed has sought debate in the Upper House of the parliament on the United States opposition to the China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ (OBOR) initiative.

Hussain submitted a motion in the Senate on Tuesday for holding debate days after the U.S. Defence Secretary General Mattis made the remarks before the U.S. Congressional Committee opposing the OBOR initiative.

The senator, who also heads the parliament committee on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, argued that General Mathis stance is also opposition to CPEC which is the flash-point and pilot project of OBOR. He referred to the U.S. Defence Secretary’s statement that OBOR passes through ‘disputed territory.’

“Since this is a new added point of pressure on Pakistan and a U-turn from past American policy, the Government of Pakistan through the Foreign Office should explain to the people of Pakistan the reasons for this U.S. U-turn.

He also advised the government to explain the nature of the emerging Indo-American nexus and what steps is Pakistan contemplating to counter these moves detrimental to our national interest.”

In his motion, Mushahid called for immediate debate in the Senate as he viewed the issue of urgent public awareness.