Negative impact of social-media websites on Youngsters unchecked:Experts

ISLAMABAD: Experts on Thursday have warned of negative impact about unchecked access of children to popular social media sites.

A report aired by a private news channel,”Generations who were brought up spending time with family, neighbors and friends are now engaged with social media web sites, said a legal expert Dr Huma Shaheen in an interview.

Dr Huma believes that this social media dependence is going to grow, but people should be more aware of the negative effects and minimize exposure to these social media platforms.

She said the younger generation believes that friends can be made with a click of a button and deleted just as easily.

In addition, students are attempting to multi-task. They are trying to check various social media sites while they study. This leads to reduced academic performance, she highlighted.

Besides, she also said their ability to concentrate on their task at hand gets significantly reduced due to the distraction that is brought by all these social media sites.

Javed Danish an IT expert added that the other negative effect on students is that they are spending too much time on social sites, and much lesser time on socializing in person.

He further said in fact, there is a lack of body signals besides other nonverbal cues, including tone and inflection in case of social networking sites.

Thus they cannot be considered as an adequate replacement for any face-to-face communication. Not only this, students who are spending a great deal of time on these social networking sites are not able to communicate in person in an effective manner, he mentioned.

He explained that these social media sites have become so popular in such a short time because the information gets published in a fast way.

This has actually created a lax attitude for using proper spelling as well as grammar, said, adding, the students are unable to write effectively without the aid of the spell check feature of a computer.

Experts suggested this is where teachers and parents need to play a major role by making the students aware of what they are missing out while spending too much time on these sites.