Nisar for special meeting of OIC on Rohingyan Muslims issue

ISLAMABAD, Former Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Wednesday called for a special meeting of Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) on the Rohingyan Muslims issue and asked the government to establish a fund for the community.

Speaking in the National Assembly, he said the exodus of 450,000 Rohingyan Muslims from their homes in Myanmar and state-sponsored persecutions against them were a matter of shame for the entire humanity.

He proposed that a delegation of Parliamentarians should go to Bangladesh to assess the situation on ground, underlining the need for making financial assistance to help those fleeing the ethnic ceasing.

He asked US and the OIC to come forward to stop genocide of Rohingyan Muslims in Myanmar.

He observed that what Myanmar Army and Buddhist monks were doing with Rohingyas especially children and pregnant women cannot be tolerated.

Nisar also proposed the speaker to write an appreciation letter as a goodwill gesture, on behalf of the government and opposition, for British politician and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for standing by Pakistan on the issue of Rohingyan Muslims.

In the prevailing situation, his statement has great importance,he said.

The former minister said he had asked the international community to respect the sacrifices of Pakistan in war against terrorism.

He also condemned a recent drone attack took place in Pakistan, adding “Drone attacks are violation of our independence and sovereignty, and unacceptable for Pakistan”.