NMP ensuring eco-friendly travel on motorway: Chouhan

ISLAMABAD: The National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) is ensuring an eco-friendly travel on motorway and penalising automobiles emitting dark smoke and those throwing trash on non-designated places.

The NHMP since its inception in 1997 was ensuring regular cleanliness of the motorway to keep it neat and clean, said Sector Commander NHMP, M-2 North Aashiq Hussain Chouhan in an exclusive talk with reporter in connection with World Earth Day.

He said as per the vision of IG NHMP Dr Syed Kaleem Imam and DIG Ishfaq Ahmed, the NHMP patrols were strictly following the cars throwing trash, over speeding or emitting dark smoke and imposed fine right on the spot.

The Sector Commander added that the Motorway Police was very sensitive on the matter of littering by the road users as it was ensuring a serene and clean environment after many arduous efforts.

He underscored that motorway was a noise free zone without rush, pollution and garbage through out the travel that offered a memorable journey covered in the greenery and beautiful landscape across the motorway to its users.

“Courtesy, help and honesty are the benchmarks of NHMP and also the guiding principles of the Police Force that helped to maintain its trust and honour in the nation, ” he proudly said.

He highlighted that rice crop stubble burning was a serious issue that used to exist from Kallar Kahar to Lahore region of M-2 North Sector of NHMP that sprawled over 200 kilometers from Chakri to Kot Momin.

The Sector Commander noted that rice stubble burning was creating thick screens of dark smoke that reduced visibility to a significant level for the commuters, hence resulting serious road accidents.

To a query, he said, “250 challans per day are being issued only in Sector M-2 North of the motorway to the automobiles over speeding and violating speed limit that includes cars, buses and carriage lifters.”

Interestingly, he said none of the challans issued were challenged by the masses in the Court as wrongly issued or factitious that further ensured the credibility and professional excellence of the NHMP.

Responding another query, he said special briefing officers were deployed at the Toll Plazas to exhort masses on antilittering measures and also distribute garbage bags among the people. “They are advised to collect there garbage or trash in the waste bag and then dispose it in a trash container placed at every service station, ” he added.

He also informed that district magistrates of area concerned were also taken on board to implement section 144 for banning rice stubble burning in the above mentioned region effectively to ensure smog free motorway.

In his message on World Earth Day, he said, ” This is our country and this environment belongs to us and it’s our job to keep it clean, green and plant more trees to conserve environment for a sustainable and safe future for our coming generations.”

On the occasion, the NHMP mobile education unit headed by Inspector Imran Abbass, Sub-Inspector Beenish Ali and JPO Amna Aziz also briefed on the efforts made during the Covid-19 pandemic to educate the masses on adhering to traffic safety rules.