‘No helmet no fuel’ initiative being outwitted by fuel pump owners, bikers … By Naveel Ahmad

ISLAMABAD: ‘’No helmet no fuel’ initiative, introduced by the authorities concerned citing a number of causalities in recent past, is being outwitted openly by the fuel pump owners and bikers, sharing the complicity.

A number of Close Circuit Television footages shared by the citizens in social media from various filling stations of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad show mockery of the initiative where pump owners have their own helmets and if a biker is without it they put on one on his head before filling the fuel in his tank.

This attitude shows how casual we are even on the lives claiming issues.

The idea first ever introduced in Bangladesh, where a legislation was passed in 2017 to bar the pumps from selling petrol to those bikers driving sans helmet, was later adopted by India and Pakistan.

Dhaka and Delhi however managed to implement the initiative showing significant decrease of bikers deaths in head injuries but unfortunately here in Pakistan the initiative is just being ridiculed. On a few pumps where it is strictly complianced the bikers in a deceptive move borrow an helmet just to get their vehicles tank filled and when the job is done their riding on road starts sans headgear.

This is how, we as a nation spoil every positive step taken by the departments concerned for the safety and protection of the human lives and property.

The idea ‘no helmet no fuel’ must be implemented at any cost and if due legislation in this regard is required it must be done. However use of helmet without side mirrors is highly dangerous and use of mirrors and helmet simultaneously must be implemented to ensure public safety.

The citizens however complained against ever increasing prices of life saving gear as it has gone up from Rs 600 to 1200, blaming rules are introduced in connivance with a certain mafia just to mint money.