NTC to ensure safe, secure virtual meetings in COVID-19 scare: MD

ISLAMABAD: Since the third wave of coronavirus (COVID-19) is considered the most lethal, the National Telecommunications Corporation (NTC) has started providing safe and secure services to ensure conducting virtual meetings.

Taking precautionary measures, the government is mulling to restart virtual meetings of important nature including NCOC, ECC, Federal Cabinet etc. It is also being considered to organize online parliamentary bodies` meetings of different ministries.

Talking to the reporter, NTC Managing Director Brig (Retd) Viqar Rashid Khan said the NTC would continue to provide safe and secure services to the government without any interruption in the current third wave of COVID-19. “Like previous practice (in corona crisis), NTC will continue to provide its services, ” he maintained.

The NTC, he said, during COVID-19 pandemic first and second waves, has proactively provided Data Hosting platform and Video Conference System to the federal government for conducting PM office, Cabinet, ECC and NCOC meetings in a secure environment.

The MD said that, NTC was probably one of the few federal government ‘s organizations which has recovered from a loss making entity to a profitable, as it has earned a record profit of Rs578 million in last FY 2019-20 especially during COVID-19 pandemic without any allotment of funds/resources from the government.

In order to facilitate PM’s initiative “AAP KA WAZIRE AZAM AAP KAY SAATH” to directly talk to the people, the NTC has provided a telecom platform through master number 051-9210809.