NUST to continue annual blood donation drive

ISLAMABAD: NUST Community Services Club (NCSC) resolved to continue holding up the Olympic flame of their annual Blood Donation Drive straight into 2021 under strict COVID-19 SOPs.

The shortage of blood to save lives is one of those issues that NCSC hold important as it had already did prior the COVID-19 Pandemic, said a press release on Wednesday.

The spirit of donating to save lives is not a novel concept, rather it is something that has permeated across eras, nations and cultures, through time, space and custom. NUST Community Services Club (NCSC) reckons for itself a place in that spirit, it added.

The pandemic has ascended towards us a morose reminder of the need to stick together for the sake of the world around us, yet it has itself threatened the execution of important charitable events that allow us to help each other.

Despite having been taken hostage by one dangerous virus, the other now-silenced emergencies that have always faced us still rage in the background, it said.

Indeed, for in order to ensure the health of all those involved and society as a whole, BDD’21 will, instead of the usual camped tent drawing an enthusiastic crowd, feature a mobile methodology.

Trained medical professionals, with the standard experience of following textbook social distancing and personal and external protection, will be facilitated door-to-door across Islamabad and Rawalpindi to willing donators.

In this fashion, the blood needed to save lives will be collected in a safe, reasonable manner – giving a new meaning to the word drive.