Pak rendered matchless sacrifices in war against terror:Aizaz

ISLAMABAD:Ambassador to the United States Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry on Friday said Pakistan had rendered matchless sacrifices in the war against terrorism and the recent statement of US President Donald Trump was disappointing.

Pakistan wanted recognition and respect to its sacrifices and huge success achieved in war against terrorism, he said talking to a private news channel.

He said many countries of the world were engulfed in the wave of terrorism in recent years, however, Pakistan had fought most successful war against it. Collective efforts were needed to fight terrorism globally, he added.

The United States, despite spending billions of dollars, could not achieve desired results in Afghanistan, but Pakistan could not be held responsible for the situation, he said.

He said use of military was not a viable solution to Afghanistan issue and Pakistan was ready to play its role for establishing peace there.

Pakistan wanted durable peace in the entire region including Afghanistan and had been playing its due role in that regard, he said.

Aizaz said Afghanistan was our neighboring country and peace in both the countries was linked. “Peace in Afghanistan was vital for ensuring peace in Pakistan”, he added.

He said Pakistan had a clear stance that it would never allow its soil to be used against any other country, however it was a concern if India was using Afghanistan’s land for terrorism in Pakistan.

Border management was also vital to secure border and monitor border movement between Pakistan and Afghanistan, he said.

He said Pakistan had been hosting huge number of Afghan refugees for decades and now was the time that they should return to their homeland.

He said Pakistan was a sovereign country and statements by the US against a sovereign state would not help achieving goals and targets against terrorism.

Both the countries had expectations from each other, and they should maintain good relations for achieving the targets, Aizaz Chaudhry said.

Aizaz said Pakistan wanted to maintain good relations with all important countries including US, China, Russia and Turkey.