Pakhtoon Journalists Journalist launched to protect journalists rights

ISLAMABAD: A colorful first general body meeting of a newly established Pakhtoon Journalists Journalist(PJA) was held at National Press Club Islamabad . The PJA was come into existence after a lot of struggle for the last nine months, different gathering has been arranged by Islamabad based few journalists.

It was dream that came true due the efforts of ten Journalist. The association began and start it’s meeting in various parks and other areas with one agenda to unite Pakhtun journalists here in the twin city. In next phase PJA will extend membership to the others part of country.

PJA started its activities by establishing a caretaker cabinet, and committee. They have met and formulate a constitution and code of ethics for the organization. They create a WhatsApp group, In start this few journalist goes to different media organization in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. First general cabinet was formed and slowly the process moves on up to this general body meeting.

PJA President Iftikhar Mishwani in his opening remarks welcome the participants and said that PJA will become the good plate farm for Pakhtoon Journalists in Islamabad. He said that the purpose of establishment of PJA is to unite the Pakhtoon journalists and solve there professional problems. He said PJA will become strong institution for working journalists. The President lauded the struggle of Caretaker Cabinet ,Committee members for strengthening the association.

He said PJA will work under the Umbrella of national press club, RIUJ, Islamabad. He said that, I am very thankful of all the journalists that they gave a practical shape to our dreams, and in near future the general election will also be held soon. He further said that PJA will unit Pakhtun Journalist and arranges training session for Pakhtun Journalists.

PJA Senior Vice President Ayaz Khan also welcome the participants and said that the association will play positive role for welfare of Pakhtoon journalists. He said that PJA will be arrange media workshops for fresh trainee journalists. He said PJA will become true face of Pakhtoon. He said Pakhtun journalist association(PJA) is a general unity of Pashtun journalists In Islamabad and Rawalpindi to solve the problems of the journalists ,facilitating the new comers journalist.

In first general body meeting senior journalist have shared their suggestions, BBC Urdu Service Pakistan editor Haroon Rasheed said “I am happy to see Pakhtun Journalist in such a huge gathering first time and my suggestion for PJA will be to maintain such gathering for long time. We must encourage female Pakhtun Journalists to come forward and put their energies to strengthen PJA. ”

Group editor Daily Khyber Hassan khan said “unity is the best policy; my suggestion will be that there should be a permanent cabinet members for monitoring PJA. ”