Pakistan moving fast on path of development: Analysts

ISLAMABAD: Leader of PML-N Rana Mohammad Afzal Khan said on Wednesday that Pakistan is rising and moving fast on the path of development and it is being acknowledged worldwide.

Talking to Radio Pakistan, he said that Pakistan has made considerable achievements in the GDP growth as it improves the macroeconomic indicators as well.

“Our government is willing to sustain the achieved growth rate”, he said.

“We want to develop all the sectors, including agriculture, industry, sports and others,” he added.

The government has set the target to achieve 6% growth for this year, he mentioned.

He further highlighted, “we have brought new taxpayers in tax net. The government is trying to build roads and produce electricity for the common people.”

Rana Mohammad said the government has successfully controlled inflation in the country, adding, the PML-N has successfully launched and funded the operation against terrorism.

He urged the overseas Pakistanis to come and invest in the country.

The International Relations expert Dr. Noor Fatima also said that Pakistan has achieved significant growth rate. “We need to bring sustainability in our economic development”, she added.